The Cooking for Kids program is a Big Poppa Smokers sponsored points race where top BBQ teams from across the nation compete to raise over $33,000 dollars for children’s charities. Each team competes for a local children’s charity of their choosing and each of them are guaranteed at least $1,000 to donate at the end of the year. From there, teams can earn more funds for their charity by winning GC, RGC, category 1st or 2nd in the Cooking for Kids points race. From pediatric cancer research to equine therapy for children with special needs, the Cooking for Kids team represents the good that BBQ can do in local communities.


  • Pinky Swear Foundation

    Pinky Swear includes a group of Des Moines-based fundraisers and change makers working to support kids with cancer and their families. Their mission is to help kids with cancer and the families with financial and emotional support. The Pinky Swear foundation is making a change in the life’s of many families with incredible support programs like All-Star Weekends, which allows the family to take a hiatus from the hospital and the worry that goes along with having a child with cancer with a weekend getaway.

  • Beau’s Beautiful Blessings

    Beau’s Beautiful Blessings educates and creates awareness about epilepsy, brain abnormalities and intellectual disabilities as well as helps those who may suffer. Beau’s beautiful Blessings provides families with financial support for medical equipment, many medically necessary needs and offers special needs camp scholarships to those who may need it.

  • Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo County

    The Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo County is dedicated to promoting awareness and providing resources for children and families affected by abuse and neglect. The Children’s Advocacy Center believes that no child should be subject to abuse or emotional trauma. Their mission is to reduce the emotional trauma of child abuse victims by facilitating a multidisciplinary team approach. This approach supports the prevention of child abuse through community education and promotes the effective prosecution of those who perpetrate crimes against children.

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois

    Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois provides a supportive place for families to stay while their child is receiving medical care. The Ronald McDonald House Charities believes that families are stronger when together, for this reason, Ronald McDonald House Charities provides families with a place to stay as well as create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children.

  • Caped KIDsaders Children’s Hospital Foundation

    Caped KIDsaders Children’s Hospital Foundation creates an uplifting and inspiring experience for kids admitted to children’s hospitals through storytelling and by encouraging kids to wear capes (capes are provided) to psychologically create an atmosphere that is free of fear and full of hope. Casped KIDSaders hopes to provide children in hospitals with extraordinary experiences during their stays.

  • Journey 4 a Cure

    Journey 4 A Cure is a Pediatric Cancer Foundation committed to finding ways to fund research for pediatric cancer and increase awareness about the realities of pediatric cancer as well as enhance the life’s of children battling cancer. Journey 4 A Cure raises money to create awareness, fund research and help families battling pediatric cancer.

  • Crisis Nursery of Wright County

    The Crisis Nursery of Wright County offers mental health services for families struggling with a child’s mental health issues. The services include diagnostic assessments, individual and family therapy, and children’s therapeutic services and support. The services are are no cost, confidential, and non-judgemental. The Crisis Nursery is here to provide local families with the support and resources they need.

  • Jessie May Children’s Hospice

    Jessie May is a children’s charity based in Bristol, UK. This organization provides nursing care at home for children and young people with life-limiting conditions. Jessie May has a team of dedicated nurses who provide care to children and families during a child’s life and after their death. Jessie May was established in September 1994 by Chris and Philippa Purrington, following the death of their baby daughter Jessica May. Since Jessie May was founded, the charity has supported over 300 children and their families in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Bath & North East Somerset, and Swindon & Wiltshire.

  • Double H Ranch: A Serious Fun Camp

    The Double H Ranch, located in New York’s Adirondack Park, provides specialized programs and year-round support for children and their families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. Since the Double H officially opened its doors on July 4, 1993, it has served over 60,000 children dealing with life-threatening illnesses from around the world. Double H Ranch’s ultimate goal is to enrich the lives of children and provide camp experiences that are memorable, exciting, fun, empowering, physically safe and medically sound. All programs are free to children who attend.

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of the Black Hills

    Boys & Girls Clubs provide young people with opportunities to engage in programs that help them achieve academic success, take charge of their health by building healthy habits that will stick with them throughout their lives, and foster the skills they need to become leaders in their communities. The mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.


  • Fred Robles started cooking in 2013 and was hooked ever since. His team has won close to 50 GC’s, multiple RGC’s, numerous 1st place walks in each category – including the Grand Championship title at the 2019 American Royal – Open. As the 2016 and 2017 Team of the year in IBCA, they also won 1st in the Texas BBQ Points Chase in both 2016 and 2017. Rio Valley Meats was also the points race winner for the 2019 Cooking for Kids season. Fun fact: In 2016, Fred qualified as an “automatic” into the Jack Daniels BBQ World Championship — the 4th person in the history of the event to be an “auto” from the state of Texas! Rio Valley Meat BBQ Team will be raising more for their selected charity Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo County.

  • As the only BBQ team to complete the “Grand Slam” of BBQ Competitions, Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ has won the 2013 American Royal Open, 2013 Kingsford Invitational, 2014 King of the Smoker Invitational, 2014 Jack Daniels World Championship, 2016 Sam’s Club National Championship, 2016 American Royal Open, and 2017 Houston Livestock and Rodeo (please feel free to correct us if we forgot a few) – on top of dozens of other grand championships and category 1sts – and while running a successful restaurant and catering business! We’re happy to have Iowa’s Smokey D’s as one of our Cooking for Kids BBQ teams. They’ll be competing to raise money for their selected charity Pinky Swear Foundations, Des Moines IA.

  • Lucky’s Q consists of head cook Justin McGlaun, his wife Kate and their two children, Gavin and Ava. They are based out of the small town of Waverly located in NE Iowa. The team was established in 2010 when Justin decided to build a smoker out of a 55 gallon air compressor tank.These days, his Stump’s “Stretch” and Gateway Drum’s (along with some BPS and Simply Marvelous Rubs) have since taken its place and he has had no regrets. Some of Lucky’s Q’s major accomplishments for their time out on the trail include: 2012 Sam’s Club National Grand Champion, 2016 King of the Smoker Grand Champion, 2016 KCBS TOY 2nd Place Brisket, 2017 KCBS TOY 2nd Place Chicken and 6th Place Overall at the 2017 Jack Daniel’s World Championship. They’ve racked up 18 GC’s, 17 RGC’s, have over 100 Top Ten Overall finishes, numerous 180’s, a handful of perfect perfect’s and many 700+ scores. Lucky’s Q will be raising money for Beau’s Beautiful Blessings, Cedar Falls, Iowa.

  • Winner of multiple grand championships, reserve grand championships, and many other awards, Old Virginia Smoke is the 2017 KCBS Chicken Team of the Year, and 2016 World Barbecue Champion, winning that title at the World Food Championships in Orange Beach, Alabama. Old Virginia Smoke has chosen to raise money for their local charity Journey 4 a Cure in Broadlands, VA. Journey 4 A Cure is a Pediatric Cancer foundation committed to finding ways to fund research, increasing awareness about the realities of pediatric cancer and enhancing the lives of children battling cancer. Pitmaster Luke Darnell and his wife, Kim, aka “The Lil’ General,” compete all around the country, enjoy having a good time and love to meet as many people in the BBQ community as possible. Luke and Kim reside in Bristow, Virginia.

  • Steve Hayden formed one2bbq in 2009 and has been competing ever since. One2bbq has competed in over 200 competitions to date. They have won 65 combined Grand and Reserve Grand Championships, including Reserve Grand Champions at the 2018 American Royal and the Reserve Grand Champions at the 2018 King of the Smoker. One2bbq will be raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois.

  • This MN team was born in 2008 with lead cook Jeff Vanderline’s two best friends, Derek Schansberg and Ted Moonen. Just four short years later they became the World Champions. They have won many Grand Championships and Reserve Grand Championships throughout the US and even Puerto Rico. Some of their biggest accomplishments include: The American Royal, top finishes at the Jack Daniels World Championship, top finishes at the Houston Livestock & Rodeo, multiple Minnesota BBQ Team of the Year wins and the 2017 King of the Smoker Reserve Grand Champs. We’re glad to have Shiggin’ & Grinnin’ in our Cooking 4 Kids points race. Shiggin’ & Grinnin’ will be raising money for the Crisis Nursery of Wright County.

  • David & Christine Qualls, from Tecumseh, Oklahoma compete as The American Dream BBQ Team. They enjoy the competitive BBQ circuit and the friends they have made chasing this passion of competitive BBQ. The “Dream Team” finished the 2015 Season as the KCBS Reserve Grand Champion for the Team of The Year. Having finished their 6th year of competitive BBQ, they have competed in 181 Contests and have earned 29 Grand Championships, 15 Reserve Grand Championships, as well as numerous first place category, Perfect category 180 scores, and 700+ Overall scores to date. The American Dream BBQ Team will be raising money for Caped KIDsaders Children’s Hospital Foundation.

  • Based out of Melrose, NY Big Raz BBQ was started in 2016 by husband and wife team, Joseph and Veronica Raziano. Since the beginning, they have competed in sixty-six KCBS sanctioned contests. They have a combined total of 125 top ten category calls, seven grand championships, and seven reserve grand championships. In 2019, Big Raz BBQ ranked third overall in KCBS with six grand championships and five reserve grand championships. Throughout the 2019 KCBS season, Big Raz BBQ earned fourteen first place category wins and eighty top ten category finishes. They’re greatest accomplishments in 2019 was been earning third place chicken at the Jack Daniels World BBQ Championship, they also managed three perfect 180 scores and a 700+ overall score. The things Big Raz BBQ loves most about BBQ contests other than competing are all the great places they have traveled to and seen, but most of all it’s the great friends they have made along the way. Big Raz BBQ has chosen to raise money for Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne, NY for the 2020 season.

  • Bunch of Swines is the first international team to join the Children’s Charities: Cooking for Kids Points race being based out of the UK. While Competition BBQ wasn’t very well known in the UK when they first started in 2011, it didn’t stop them from getting involved. Bunch of Swines has traveled around the world competing in 120+ contests, winning 60+ combined GC’s & RGC’s including the Grand Champion at the 2018 American Royal World Series of BBQ Invitational. Bunch of Swines will be raising money for Jessie May Children’s Hospice based in Swindon, UK.

  • Bobby Stanfiel And Monika Matush from Hill city South Dakota make up the B-S BBQ Outlaws BBQ team. B-S BBQ Outlaws has been in the competition circuit since 2014. In the last few years, they have been on a coast to coast BBQ roll and have enjoyed every bit of it. Bobby says they have come along way since there first Comp when he almost burnt the pop up tent to the ground. The Deepsouth GC-36 and Gateway Drum are their pits of choice that have worked well in the 150 KCBS contest they have competed in which resulted in 15 Grand Championships, 6 Reserve Grands, 38-1st place category calls, 289 top ten category calls, 2018 and 2019 RMBBQA Team of the Year, and the 2019 KCBS Reserve Grand Team of the Year. B-S Outlaws will be competing to raise money for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Black Hills.


1Fred Robles1100
2B-S BBQ Outlaws950
1Fred Robles900
3B-S BBQ Outlaws300
1Fred Robles950
2B-S BBQ Outlaws800
1B-S BBQ Outlaws1190
7Fred Robles240
1Fred Robles700
2B-S BBQ Outlaws560
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Barbecue has been bringing joy to many for years. BBQ is friends, BBQ is family and BBQ is fun. Sport this BBQ t-shirt at your next BBQ cookout all while supporting charity. 100% of the proceeds from this t-shirt will go to charity through our Children’s Charity program. Big Poppa Smokers Children’s Charities program helps kids across America by donating to local pediatric charities. Not only will you look good in this retro-inspired design; you’ll also feel good knowing you’re helping children through barbecue.


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